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Adam Kuenzel: Pursuing a Career Music Performance Part 1 – Education

As principal flutist for the Minnesota Orchestra, Adam Kuenzel has played flute professionally for nearly three decades. He has also performed as a guest principal flutist with the Pittsburgh and Chicago Symphony Orchestras. After graduating from Oberlin Conservatory with a Bachelor of Music, Adam Kuenzel went on to pursue an active career in music involving teaching and performance. His versatility as a musician is evident in the range of music he performs, from classical chamber and symphonic to modern concerti.

Mr. Kuenzel’s
talent and versatility as a flutist led to a successful career in music performance. Every year, thousands of college students graduate with degrees in music performance, hoping to pursue their passion for music throughout their career. Music teachers, parents, and college professors often stress to these students just how difficult it is to find steady work as a performing musician. Resultantly, many turn to music education as their focus, while others steadfastly maintain the pursuit of a musical performance career.

Education is critical for a career in classical music performance. Students wishing to pursue this position should begin taking private lessons as early as possible, and participate in school and community performance groups. In college, they should seek a musical performance degree, either as part of the university’s music program or at a performance school such as Oberlin Conservatory. Upon graduation, continued pursuit of music education remains critical, as does taking advantage of resume-building performance opportunities.

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